Mentorships and personal growth…

Monday closes out a five week mentorship I was enrolled in.  It was hard for me to admit that I was not proficient.  I have to say that interpreting has been a constant struggle.  I’m not complaining because this struggle/challenge has been enlightening.  I cab see that the mentorship has been well worth my time.  In just five weeks I can see changes in my ASL/PSL product that were lacking.

Armed with the tools to continue, I will practice somethings that have been pointed out to me.  For example, I sign a lot of signs.  Too many for a consumer to get a clear understand of what’s going on.  Why work so hard when you can sign fewer signs and be amazingly clear?

Also, placing people, object, countries, continents in space makes for a clear “picture” in my product.  Armed with sticky notes, I can practice that too.

I am a little sad that the mentorship is over so quickly.  Five weeks flew by.

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