Merry Christmas and all that jazz!



Jerry and I have been pretty busy this holiday season.  We headed to Disney to meet up with some fellow Glass Explorers and had a marvelous time.  Met some of the nicest people.  I even tricked got Jerry to agree to Annual Passes for Walt Disney World. We hope to head down there for a couple of days during the break.  Shouldn’t be crowded at all. heh

I am still going to physical therapy for my neck twice a week.  It’s getting better/worse everyday. I say better/worse because while the numbness and tingling are better, the stiffness and soreness of my neck seems to be getting worse.  I’m sure it’s just that the muscles that I’m strengthening aren’t use to it yet.  I’m going to talk to the therapist tomorrow at my appointment.  My range of motion is better so I guess I should just say I’m getting better.  Fine. I’m getting better.  😛

The weather here is warm.  Okay, hot.  It was 83° F here today.  Crazy.  I think it’s supposed to cool down later this week.  I’m not saying I miss the white stuff that I grew up with back in Michigan but a cool day for Christmas might be nice.

Hope your holidays are merry!


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