So here I am, sitting in Mom’s hospital room.  Wifi…cool eh?  Anyway, she’s sleeping.   Dad is on the couch napping and Jerry is back at the house resting.  If it weren’t for the displays in the stores, I’d barely know it was Easter.  Well…of course last nights service was a nice reminder. 

Mom is…okay…I guess.  She has decided that she is going to a hospice facility once a bed become available.  The chemo didn’t work, and I’m not clear if there are other things they could do or not.  I’m trying not to be pushy.  Mom has made her decision and I have to accept that.  *sigh*  It’s hard though.  Her color is better than I expected.  Francie, my sister, had said she was very yellow.  She’s pretty pinky right now.  Yesterday she seems swollen but today it’s not as bad.   Yesterday she looked like my Grandma, but I would never tell her that..heh. 

Dad is a trooper.  Squeeky, but a trooper.  His poor hearing aides haven’t stopped whistling since we arrived.  I guess being alone most of the day that doesn’t bother him.  He has settled into a routine of getting up, getting ready and visiting mom in the hospital.  He said it’s taking a lot out of him.  His recovery is coming along great.  Today he tied his shoe which he said he couldn’t do since he had gotten out.  (Bending down and stuff)  Talking to him last night he’s just really depressed and rightfully so.

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