Here I am in Michigan.  I flew up on Thursday because I thought my dad was going to have some cancer removed.  It turned out that they were just doing more diagnostics and had never actually seen any tumors. 

Friday that changed.  His doctor said that his right kidney and ureter were full of tumors and that they would have to wait for the pathology and then go from there.  He hadn’t talked to Dad yet so he couldn’t tell us exactly what we should do but he though that the tumors needed to come out.  That makes sense to me.  Remove what’s bad so the body can try to compensate. 

I think that’s pretty much what Dad is thinking too.   The doctor is worried about the quality of life at this point.  Dad is too.  He has seen his friends/family go down both roads and have ended up passing after the same amount of time. 

Dad’s doctor said that it would probably be a couple of weeks before the surgery but they would know more on Monday.   Hurry up and wait..that what health care seems to be lately. 

All in all, I’m glad I made the trip up here.  It’s cold and I miss my Jerry and Tabitha.  My mind is a little more at ease.   I’m hoping the next few weeks I will be able to remember how I’m feeling right now and use that to give me strength.

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