Missed a day…


I forgot to post yesterday.  We drove back from Disney and then had to get ready for Jerry’s work Holiday Party.

The party was fun.  It was the first time in a long time that we have danced.  Yes…I usually just chair dance at the table but this time I wanted to get out on the floor and move.  I didn’t care what I looked like, I didn’t care what people thought of how I danced, and I loved it.  I haven’t had that kind of total happiness from dancing in a long time.  It felt wonderful.

Today…I feel..meh.  The Jaguar game was disappointing.  On top of that it was 58 degrees and rainy.  Blech.  We ended up coming home at the 3rd quarter because it was miserable.  The team lost.  Needless to say…the house isn’t very festive.

Thank goodness for unconditional snuggles and kisses from Nutmeg  >^..^<

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