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Is not very good right now?  I’m not bed ridden by any means but I could use a big ol’ dose of healthy goodness.  I had a doctor appointment today because I thought I might have MRSA on my leg, as well as sinus infection.  Don’t have a sinus infection, whew, but probably just allergies.   There were some other things that they talked to me about.  I have a lot of swelling in my legs so they are going to put me on a water pill for that and that might be part of the  leg thing.  Said it didn’t look like any kind of infection and that the best thing would be to go to a dermatologist and have them biopsy it and go from there.  Ugh…last time I ended up at the dermatologist I was diagnosed with some rare condition called myositis or something similar.  Honestly I just ignored it because if I had that disease, according to them, I’d be dead by now.  So yeah..turned about to be my Hashimoto’s. back to my current dilemma, my left shin has some spot on it and so I have a doctor appointment next week, Tuesday.

On Monday, I go to see my Endocrinologist about my thyroid.  No biggie, six month appointment.  I do think things are out of whack again though.  We’ll see.  I’m sure I’ll have to go to the lab and have viles of blood drawn from me.  Wheeee!

My weight has me concerned.  I know what to do, I know how I should go about it, but I’m lacking the motivation.  I know that isn’t an excuse, it’s more of a confession.  Eat less, move more, I completely understand the concept and how the math works.  I know eat more of the good things and don’t waste calories eating junk.  Got it….Trying to cook more at home has been the start and I think that has helped a little.  I really need to plan my meals better.  I have blamed the stress of what’s been going on in my life as the reason but honestly, the stress isn’t going away so I need to learn to cope with it and not with food.  Much easier said than done!!  I want to journal what I’m eating and have even said I was going to do so, but still haven’t done that.  It would probably be a huge eye opener.   I should just do it.  Where’s the Nike swoosh when you need it.

I just need to take care of me much better.

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  1. Hi,
    I have myositis and have survived for 12 years with it as my unwanted companion. So far I haven’t heard about anyone dying from it, but it is not pleasant. Take doctor’s advice seriously.

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