Nashville bound…

We’re heading to Nashville.  Not to promote GkneePalooza, although maybe it should be a tour…hmm.. Jerry has a conference that week and we are going to head up there to do a little vay-cay before he has to put in his 14 hours days.

Currently the plan is to head up on Sunday morning, rent a car and hit up The Hermitage. Every Sunday they have costumed players to make it “come alive”. Yes, I love that touristy stuff.  Then we’ll go check into the hotel.  We will be staying at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center.  I know..right..that’s totally gonna suck *wink wink*

Monday will be doing other touristy things.  Most importantly, I want to see the Parthenon which is also an Art Museum so…Yay culture!  Don’t know what else will be happening Monday.  I’m not a country music aficionado at all.  So that stuff doesn’t really interest me.  It probably should as I was/am a musician, but eh…

Tuesday we’ll be up and at ’em bright and early.  Jerry’s company has a golf outing at the beginning of each conference and Jerry is one of the photographers on deck that day.  It’s a blast to drive around in a golf cart, joke with the conference goers and Jerry’s co-workers, all while taking in the outdoors of a lovely course.  That night will be Expo Welcome reception.  I can get my restoration, repair, and insurance swag 😀

Then I’ll be flying back home Wednesday for a few days.  Jerry’s days are long and with me being there, I know he feels he has to entertain me.  This way he can schmooze with his peeps and come back to the room and crash.

In other news, I’m still waiting on news if I’m going to work summer school.  They usually don’t tell us until the last week of school.  Way to keep up guessing…tee hee hee






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