Notice: Alarm and video monitoring in progress…

We were robbed again.  Six weeks after the original one.  This time we did get them on video thanks to our dropcams.  Another door broken and in the process of being replaced.  It’s in, just needs to final touches and the storm door.  This is getting a little expensive.

We also decided to go with a monitored security system.  It was a little freaky for me to watch the invaders in my house and then have to call 911 myself.  This time I can still watch it but the monitoring company will be faster.  I was in shock.  …yes, you read right.   I watched the invaders in my house.  The dropcam sends a notification to our phones and I happen to be looking, thinking that it was Nutmeg jumping into her window perch.  I freaked when I saw a thug walking across my living room.

So now our life includes arming and disarming alarms in our own home.  I didn’t grow up with security systems and thought I’d never need one. I will admit that the first night we had it installed and armed was one of the best nights of sleep I’ve had in months.

It’s sad that we have to protect our homes from people who think they have a right to come in and take things that they didn’t work for.  Yes, they are only material possessions.  I’m safe, Jerry is safe, our cat is safe, but the audacity that people think they are entitled to things simply because they are there confounds me.

Why can’t people be good?

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  1. Wow, that sucks. Good that you had that monitoring techy stuff, though. I can’t imagine watching someone robbing my house!

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