Been feeling a little numb.  Mom’s passing still isn’t sunk in yet.  I keep expecting to see her and be able to talk to her face to face. 

Dad is doing okay, although he is suffering from a cold that I gave him 🙁  It’s a nasty cold too.  I’m still fighting it off.

Francie and her family are back in Texas, so it’s just me and Joe at Dad’s house right now.   Most of the days are just boring and watching dad sleep in a chair.   Again, the cold is kicking his butt.  

He did eat today so there is some progress.  He goes to the oncologist in a couple of weeks to find out about the spots n his lungs.  Hopefully they haven’t advanced.  I’m not sure if he will do any chemo/radiation.  He really misses mom.  Don’t blame him, I do too.

I’m heading home on Friday.  Jerry left yesterday because he had to get back to work.  They have an upcoming convention and he is on that committee. I can’t wait to get home but am worried about how Dad will get along. *shrug*

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