Ok..let’s try this…

Sometimes we need to put our health first, even when we don’t want to. I’ve ignored my Hashimoto’s and Diabetes too often.  That is going to change because I am tired of feeling crumby.  Finally went and saw my Endocrinologist today.

I hate taking pills.  I have 10 different medicines I have to take a day.

  • 7 in the morning
  • 2 when I get home from work
  • 3 with dinner
Some of them are doubled up (morning and night) but wow…I need a spreadsheet to keep it all straight.  Actually my OCD keeps me on top of things.  I wish my OCD would keep my house clean but that’s another post.

I’ve also traded one pill (Januvia) for a pen injection (Byetta).  Hopefully this will keep my blood sugars even throughout the day.  I’m having a problem with my fasting sugars hanging around 160-180.  Bonus, side effect of Byetta is that patients usually lose weight!

Still trying to get my thyroid closer to a normal level.  The shakes have stopped but my Endocrinologist is hoping that doesn’t mean it’s swinging back up to being too high.  I am guessing that I’ll be back on having blood tests every 6-8 week for the next few months.

I’m also trying to keep my stress levels down.  Things at work were really riling me up, and it’s only the third week.  I can’t do that to myself.  That whole “balance the wheel of life” can really be a challenge and this summer really had been stress free.  Even while working summer school. I’m going to try to carry that mentality to the normal school year.

Had labs done last Friday, saw my Endo today and have another doctor appointment on Friday and more labs to do this weekend.  Oof!  Why do I put myself through this?…oh yeah…to feel better.

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