One, Two, Kalamazoo…

no-more-mr-nice-girlToday we jumped ship from Big Red for a few reasons:

  • Their updates to their Galaxy Nexus were lagging behind.  I got tired of playing with ROMs and not feeling I was getting my money’s worth. 
  • Yes, I had unlimited data, which is awesome.  But I’m getting that with T-Mobile as well and it’s about $60 cheaper a month for the two of us.
  • No more contracts.

Last week, we ordered Nexus 4 phones via the Google Play store and they arrived Monday.  Over the weekend we popped into a T-Mobile shop to see if we could set it up before the phones got here.  Initially they said no, we had to come in with the phones.  We thanked them and were heading towards the door when he stop and said, “Let me check on that…”.  Ten to fifteen minutes later we were walking out the door with our new sim chips waiting to be inserted into our new phones.

Monday comes, we put the chips in and decide we are going to run a trial period to see how the service is before we jump ship.  We find apps to forward TXT messages and then I try to call-forward my phone.  I could never get it to work.  I would get messages saying that this service is unavailable at this time…  Okay, maybe I don’t have that feature on my account. So I go to the website…nope…it’s there.  GRR!  It’s okay…I’ll just let work know I have a new number and continue with the trial.

It goes great…I’m getting the same coverage at work and home so it’s a no-brainer. much to jump ship. I was pleasantly pleased at how little it was going to cost to bail vs. staying and paying the extra costs over the life of the contract.  While I was inquiring about terminating the contract the CSR asked my why I wasn’t pleased.  I told her that we were disappointed that the software updates to the phones weren’t coming down faster.  She told me this was for my protection.  When I told Jerry that he said, “It just protected us from continuing with their service”. I knew jumping tonight was imminent.

Tonight, was another example of fast, friendly service from T-Mobile.  We walked in and within 10 minutes, both phone numbers were transferred from VZW to T-Mobile.  It took about three hours for the phone number limbo to clear up which was a little unnerving but we survived.

The Nexus 4 is nice.  I’m loving it so far.  I think I say that on most of my new phones though..heh. I’m looking forward to getting the latest updates on Google’s time table.


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