One month…

fireworksToday is one month Gluten Free.  I have to say that most days I feel fantastic.  Sure I’m still craving breads but I haven’t give in. It’s actually easier than I thought although the wings and mac ‘n cheese fritters looked yummy at tonight’s dinner.  As good as they looked I didn’t want to end up with tummy aches and feeling like I was hit by a Mack truck.  So, I ate my corn tortilla chips nachos.

I’m really proud of my commitment and have to say that losing twenty pounds is great incentive to keep it up.  I realize that a lot of that is probably water weight but I’ll still take it.  I am really surprised at how much energy I have…sure I still need my 8-9 hours of sleep a night but those waking hours I’m way more hyper than I have been in years.  Poor Jerry…

I am hoping that when I go back to for my next thyroid check in January that my antibody numbers are much better.  In a way…I don’t even care.  This is probably the best I’ve felt it months.  I probably just jinxed myself.

So yeah…just a little celebratory blog post to say “Yay me!!”


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