Prolly a little TMI….

Just a little warning that I will be talking about nipples, menopause and other various girly things. Okay, maybe a LOT of TMI! 🙂

I have eczema. There…I said it. Whew! With all the stress in the past few years things are finally surfacing to my skin. I hear this is normal. *shrug* Anyway, my right nipple seems to be the latest victim of dry itchiness. Also, the nipple seems to have changed color. It’s like I went into a tanning booth topless but only had one breast covered. I got a little worried and made an appointment to see the doctor. They agreed that it didn’t look 100% natural so off they sent me to have a diagnostic mammogram.

The Hill Breast Center was a pleasant experience. The center’s interior was very spa like and it felt like I was waiting for a treatment and not for my breasts to be flattened like pancakes. My appointment was at 9am and by 11am I had several pictures of my breasts and nipple (OUCH), had seen a doctor and was on my way out the door with a clean bill of breast health. WHEW! I was freaked out for weeks over this. Never put off these appointments, the stress over if you have cancer or not can be quite stressful.

So, now I need to figure out why my nipple is browning up. I’m going to guess it’s a hormone issue. I think I’m at that age where my hormones are acting all crazy again. I’m waiting on my doctors office to receive the mammogram pics, etc. so that I can set up another appointment. Someone mentioned an adrenal gland issue on one of my various google searches too. I’m not sure if my Hashimoto’s can cause this or not. Guess I should research that too. I also wish my Mom was still alive so that I could talk to her about this. That’s been one of the hardest parts of going through all of this.

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