Random Thoughts/Updates

  • Tickets purchased for Michigan trip in August
  • Tickets purchased for Conference in DC
  • Lawn if finally looking better
  • House is still cleanish but I need to keep working on it
  • Dad has a doctor appointment and I’m not sure how I feel about things
  • Wondering where my “post” will be next year
  • Just renewed my RID membership
  • Tried renewing my FRID membership but the webpage was wonky




2 Replies to “Random Thoughts/Updates”

  1. See, if you’d planned your Michigan trip for the end of JULY, you’d be able to come camping with us! Loser.

    Love the new look of the site!

    1. Not really a planned trip. Although we the plan is to be here the week of July 31-Aug 7. When and where is the camping trip this year?

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