Last week, one of our bikes was stolen from our carport.  They cut through the chain and took it.  They did leave us a replacement bike. Considerate, right?  We made a report and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office took the bike into their possession.  I was upset but honestly the bike wasn’t as secure as we could have made it.

…and it was outside.

This week however, they broke into our house.  We were lucky. Yes, things were taken.  Yes, we have repairs but they are being handled. Thank goodness for insurance!  The past couple of days I have been jumpy as all get out.  Every time a car drives up or parks near our house, which happens all the freakin’ time, I start to wonder.

I refuse to let them get the best of me though.  We have taken the appropriate actions to make sure we are safe.  With the help of friends we have gotten great advice on continued ways to make our home safe and secure.  Thank you, friends.  You know who you are 😉

I’m hoping that I can feel safe again soon.  Last night I was able to get more sleep but being in the house alone was …interesting.  I’m sure I looked like Gladys Kravitz all day.


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