The picture is of our bathroom when we first moved into our little bungalow in 2000.  It’s been 14 years and started renovating the room in August.  The first day of demolition was Oct 13th.  Today…it’s dry wall day.  The contractors were here a little bit before 8am.  Oof…I had planned to sleep in until 9:30am.

I had a fasting blood test that I needed to get done this week so instead of going in at 10:45am I headed out shortly after the contractors showed up.  There was no way I was going to be able to last in the house without coffee or stress eating.  Hello, mini-marshmellows!

Now, Nutmeg and I are hanging out in the computer room watching Black-ish on Hulu-Plus.

What a great way to spend the first Monday of vacation…

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