Same time, new year…

It’s weird to think that a year ago I was here in Michigan with all my brothers and sister because we thought Dad was going to die.  Dad is definitely a fighter and him being alive today is proof.  His cancer is still growing.  I think the doctors have upped the Chemo to try to shrink it.  If things don’t start to shrink his only kidney will be in jeopardy. 

Over all he is doing well, considering.  When I first arrived here on Wednesday he was looking terrible.  It was a shock to see how much weight he had lost and how “off” his coloring was.   After my brother called the doctor and explained some of the new symptoms and they all were in line with side effects from the chemo.  The flushing, the nausea… The doctor called in a RX for some nausea meds and within twenty minutes, Dad was up and back out in the living room talking, drinking his water and playing with his iPad.  He even wanted to eat.  YAY, the meds worked! 

Thursday was another good day.   Ate some breakfast, went to the lab for a blood test for Dad and  he even wanted to ride to Flint to take my brother to the airport.  Although, I didn’t know that I was going to be white knuckled the whole drive as my brother weaved in and out of traffic during a torrential rain storm.  I am not a good passenger and the sweats and cramped knuckles from balling up my fists were evidence that yesterdays drive was tense.  Luckily the storms passed and we didn’t have to endure the tension as I drove back to Lansing.  Also we stopped at McDonald’s because Dad wanted some food.  Yay, an appetite!! (Have to celebrate the small things.)  We got home and it was time for him to “rest”.   I had to go to the store to get a RX for me (Stupid thyroid is still out of whack.  TSH 15.36..that’s nuts)  and I wanted some Fazoli’s as we don’t have one in Jax anymore.  So, I picked up dinner and went home and we ate some yummy, inexpensive Italian food and then settled in to watch TV in the “garden level” of Dad’s condo.  Great shows like, Colossal Squid and NCIS. 

So that brings us to today.  It’s been a lazy day so far.  I think it’s needed as Dad has had something to do every day this week.  He mentioned trying to take an actual shower today but it hasn’t happened yet. 

Sure, he “rests” a lot but that’s okay.  I’m trying to stay out of his hair and let him try things out.  I’m hoping he will ask for help if he needs it.  He’s a stubborn one though.  He is mostly worried that I’ll be bored.  Eh…a little time with Dad is worth any boredom I may have.  Although I haven’t been bored yet…so… 🙂

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