On June 27th, I sat and watched the Keynote address from Google I/O.  I’m not a developer, but I watched as they talked about Android’s next release, Jelly Bean, and  all of it’s improvements. Then they showed the Nexus 7 tablet and I knew that the tablet I wanted.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my Xoom but for my tiny hands it is sometimes too much. (TWSS) I had been reading about an upcoming 7inch Nexus-line tablet and knew “this is it”.  I mulled it over  all day and finally with Jerry’s words “This is what you have been waiting for..” I pre-ordered one through the

I had been reading rumors about when it would be released.  Different websites telling me when this store and that store would be getting them in.  The only email I got from the Play store was “Thank you. You’ve made a purchase on Google Play. You will not be charged until your order has shipped.”

July 13th, I peruse the various sites during my lunch break at work and see that people are getting their tablets.  What?!?  I haven’t even gotten my email saying it’s shipped.  I find out later that they are GameStop pre-orders and I become a little miffed.  How are brick and mortar stores getting their stock before people who have pre-ordered?  The day continues and I start hearing about people who have just walked into stores and picked up the tablet without a pre-order at all.  I start calling all the GameStop stores in town and they all tell me that “the only stock they have is for the people who pre-ordered with them and the next pre-order would start on the 14th and delivery was expected in August”.   Okay…

July 14th, I’m reading my Google+ stream.  People are upset with the lack of communication from Google Play store about their orders.  I empathize with this.  I read the many posts of how people have finally gotten their email saying it’s shipped. I continue on with my refreshing my GMail over and over with no success.  I read about how people’s cards have been charged so I log into our banking site to see if we have been charged.  The email and bank refreshing lasts all day.  Nothing….

Around 6pm  last night, I read from one person in my circles, that she walked into an Office Depot and picked up a Nexus 7.  *head desk* What?!?  This fuels my need of answers and I start calling all the Office Depot stores in town.  “That was for pre-orders”, “That isn’t released yet” and “We won’t have more in until maybe next week” were the answers I got.  I put my google skills to the test and tried to see where else people were getting theirs.  I got to this article from The Verge about the different places you could pick up a tablet.  Brilliant!  The phone calls to Sams Club started.  At 6:30ish one of the club stores said they had two in stock.  Jerry and I jumped into the car to secure the tablets.

At Sam’s they gave us two inventory slips and told us to go to the register and they would get them from inventory.  We waited in line behind people with their bulk chicken tenders, water, and other various goods until it was our turn.  We handed the little grey haired lady our slips and she looked at us perplexed.  We told her that the clerk in electronics told us to give the person at the register the slips and they would have to get tablets that were under lock and key.  She rang up one tablet and said she wanted to check before she rang up the other.  Okay, that was odd.  We watched as she milled around from clerk to clerk asking for help on how to get the tablets.  Finally she came back and said she manager was getting them and she asked again if we wanted both of them, “Yes” I replied, a little ticked off because this was the umpteenth time she had asked that.  We paid and stood off to the side and  waited.  The manager came with one and was looking for the second.  Ugh…it wasn’t going to work out. Long story, slightly shortened, they only had the one.  The manager apologized, helped us with our refund.  I asked if any of the other stores in town had them in stock and he started the search.  10 minutes later, he had talked to a manager at another store 23 miles away that was holding one.  It was 7:45pm and the store we are headed to closes at 8:30pm. I cracked up because the manager told us we needed to hurry and that we “shouldn’t stop for pizza on the way”. 🙂  Back into the car and we’re off! (One Nexus 7 secured…Oh yeah, we also picked up toilet paper because we needed it.)

23miles later at around 8:10pm we arrive at the other Sam’s club in town.  Walk in, secure our inventory slip and head to the register.  Again, deer in the headlights reactions.  Gets a manager and she says something about how they are really supposed to sell them.  Excuse me, we have one from another store.  Jerry was telling her that she will be selling him one as we just drove twenty plus miles and told that one was waiting for us.  Finally we hear on her radio that they have one and to sell it.  We pay for the item and head out of store. I should also mention that during this whole adventure we were singing the theme to Raiders of the Lost Ark .  Jerry asked me as we walked about of the store if this is where he would lift the golden idol above his head in celebration.  I think that was at 8:22, I vaguely remember Jerry saying something like “8 minutes to spare”.  SCORE


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