Ugh…well this 30 day challenge isn’t going well.  I’ve missed a whole week.  Every night I would crawl into bed and do a /facepalm because I forgot to post.

I could blame the cold that I’m fighting off.’s making me miserable but not miserable enough that I’m not on some kind of device.

I could blame work.  Nah…it’s the last few weeks before winter break so it’s just a lot of counting the days down.  Seriously…everyone is ready for break to happen.  NOW!

I guess I didn’t realize what a commitment setting time aside to put my thoughts down could be.  I thought…sure…it’s not going to be hard.  You have lots of free time.  And I do…so now I’m beating myself up because I didn’t keep my promise.  Try to do better the last half of the month.  Right?!?

So what have I been doing in the past week?  Well, I finished the book Wheat Belly, Total Health by William Davis.  My diet needs to really change if I want to improve my health.  I have been kind of denying how bad things are but after just eliminating gluten I can see how other foods are reacting with my body.  A little freaky, but kind of cool that I can control how good or bad I feel depending on what I choose to eat.  …and it is me.  No one is holding a gun to my head saying “Eat this tomato or the dog gets it!” I don’t have a…don’t worry about that.

The middle school kids are excited because “IT’S 10 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!” Their enthusiasm is amazing and tiring.  We are ready too…I guess.  We have no decorations up.  We haven’t had many the past few years.  It honestly just seems like a time suck to put them up and then take them down.  No one is going to see them anyway… I miss my mom and dad.

The bathroom that we started to renovate in August is still…no where near completion.  I’m about over it.  It seems like it’s been weeks since any real work has been done. I was hoping by Christmas but I don’t think that is going to happen.  🙁 

So yeah…seven days of stuff.  I’m going to try to do better.


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