Shopping Season

I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping.   I’m dreading it.  I printed up the list and it’s overwhelming.  Extended family is huge..not just big…H.U.G.E.  Hopefully I can get it done quickly and painlessly.  I’m going to try to tackle most of it after work and before Jerry gets home in the evenings.  He’s got enough on his plate dealing with lawyers to handle his mom’s affairs.

Next Saturday, we hope to take MIL out on a shopping jaunt as well.  I hope to get most of hers done prior as to not overwhelm her.  I’ll probably have to wrap most of them as well.  Thank goodness for gift bags!  Is it bad that I don’t enjoy the wrapping?  I mean I used to..I used to love to tie the ribbons and curl them. Now?  Not so much. 

I don’t think Jerry and I are going to worry about buying each other presents.  We haven’t even discussed it really.  hmmm…maybe just a coupon.  “This coupon entitles you to a day of  Jeanne not interrupting you while you read”.

I should really start all of this mid-summer…would make it easier all around. Pfft…procrastination strikes again!

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  1. “I don’t think Jerry and I are going to worry about buying each other presents.” Yeah, Tess and I went that route several years ago. Now, we just buy OURSELVES one “big” present, and then Santa fills the stockings with various small goodies.

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