*sigh* why can’t we all get along?


I normally don’t post about those topics that aren’t supposed to be mentioned in public.  You know…money, politics, and religion but the last straw has hit this camel’s back.

I’m tried of people spouting off about how they do or don’t pray, or that they don’t believe in this or that.  If someone gives you a blessing or is telling you that they are praying for you.  Just say thank you. Most people are trying to wish you well with their words.

So what was the straw that broke this camel.  Someone said they were going back to work and to pray for them and a person  posted a comment that read. “I don’t pray, but good luck !” DUDE, it’s the same thing.  Why do people have to get caught up in the religion of wishing good things for people?  It’s common sense people.  Be good to each other.  Or as Wil Wheaton say “Don’t be a dick!”


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