Simply thankful

As I peruse the social websites it seems everyone is listing what/who they are thankful for..blah blah blah.  I don’t really want to be so typical but I am thankful for things and I do feel there needs to be some acknowledgment.  Even if it’s for my own records. So here goes…

What am I thankful for?

  • My health (as out of shape and problems with my thyroid I’m still able to function from day to day)
  • My marriage (sure, we all have our ups and downs but I can’t imagine life without him and right now he is my rock)
  • My cat (being childless lets me be that crazy cat lady that lives down the street…and you know what?  I’m fine with that )
  • My job (in these economic hard times I feel fortunate that I am able to do something that I love and not have to worry about the day to day)
  • My family (although my parents are 1100 miles away, I know that they support me.  I talk to them often and can feel their love radiating even from a distance.  Also my siblings which I know would back me up in an intergalactic war if need be.)
  • Technology (it keeps me close to people that otherwise would be gone from my life…yes..this means you)

Hmm..I’m sure there are tons of things that I could list but they just don’t seem to be popping into my head.  I’m really trying to simplify my thoughts and life to help control those emotions that I’m having a hard time controlling.  (or not controlling)  Anyway…if I can get back to the simple things I’m sure that will help clear the cobwebs that seems to be weighing me down. Drama free is the way to be!

Ok..Now I’m sounding like some self help book and that is freaking me out….

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