Spring break ramblings…

London.  Across the pond.  Our first European trip.  We decided to postpone our trip to the United Kingdom until fall.  I’m happy we did too.  A good friend kept sending me snaps of her snow-covered walks and below 0-celsius temps. Brr!

Instead, we played around in Central Florida.  First up, Kennedy Space Center.  Jerry booked a Launch Control Center tour that was pretty cool.  I wish they would let us see more but you know….secret stuff and all. A full day wasn’t enough time to do everything.  I really thought it would be, but we didn’t see all the exhibits, the Imax movies, or the “Legends of Space” or whatever it’s called.

I think we’ll be heading back there “soon.”  It would be cool if it were for a launch.  They kept talking about the SLS rocket, and it would be fun to do another tour that talks more about that.  Why didn’t I become an astronaut?  Oh yeah….that’s why.


After spending a few days in Titusville and enjoying some local cuisine, we headed over to Orlando to play at Universal Studios.  After four days in a Universal resort and three days in the park. I’m a Disney girl.  Don’t get me wrong, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was AH-MAZING!! I would live there if they let me, although they would have to open up a few more of the shops in Diagon Alley. I guess I just prefer not to see the majority of the customers in the park Starbucks were employees of the park. Meh…maybe I’m a snob, no…I am!  It’s okay; it’s good to know your flaws.

Highlights: NASA, SpaceX, Margaritas, Bubba Gump restaurant, swimming in the pool, all things Harry Potter, Jerry being a full-on tech nerd.

Lows: $35 parking for CityWalk, low tech park amenities, I-4 traffic, waiting over 20 minutes for a dinner check.

Spring break is just about over.  The last quarter of school is a rough one.  Lots of tests are coming up.  Spring break was just what I needed to refresh before pushing through to the end.  …and who doesn’t love coming home to a crazy cat.

Oh yeah, I also turned fifty-one over break.  WHAT?!?  😀 




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