Spring Break

I love that I have a week off from work.  I definitely need the time off, although we are headed up to Michigan to see my parents. Don’t know how much of a mental break this will be.

Mom is still in the hospital.  They found she has a huge ulcer in her stomach and that is where she is bleeding from.  Hopefully the medicine will kick in soon and she heal that up.   She had a meeting yesterday about palliative care and or hospice care for when she gets released.  No decisions have been made yet though.  I asked her about it today, if she was going to get 24/7 care at home and she mentioned going to a facility.  I asked if she didn’t want to go home and she said “nope”  🙁  I know Dad has been having a time with it all but with help I think they could do great at home.  Ultimately it’s her decision and I have to accept it.

Dad is gaining weight.  He went to the doctor a few days ago and they found some spots on his lung.  He will go back in a month for more x-rays and maybe for chemo/radiation.  I really don’t have all of the information as I’m getting via TXT.  Hope to get more answers to that next week.

One day, Jerry and I will be able to take a vacation that doesn’t include visiting someone in a hospital or giving home health care.

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