Summer Break Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman


Summer break has begun.  Today was day two.  I needed to get out of the house so that the maids could clean without me be hovering.  Don’t think it’s glamorous, I’m a terrible housewife and it’s a necessity.  Also, they only come once a month.  So I took myself to the movies.

I saw “Snow White and the Huntsman “.  I love fairy tales.  I grew up placing rhinestone necklaces over my forehead to look like a princess of some exotic land so I knew when this movie was being talked about that I would want to see it.

Over all I would say that it was an okay film.  Kirsten Stewart seems very one dimensional again in this movie.  I’m over the angst.  Thank goodness for her cast members.  Charlize Theron was wonderful as the evil queen, Ravenna.  Bravo to having a glimpse of what old age could look like for you.  Chris Hemsworth, oof , that man is all that is good and rugged.  Huntsman, Thor, Kirk’s Dad doesn’t matter, he is good.  He plays the tormented hero very well. Ian McShane was a complete surprise as one of the dwarfs.  His rugged, brass, flavor helped moved the story along well.

Cinematic-ally, this movie was gorgeous. I read another review about how it reminded people of Lord or the Rings  with it’s deep green, mountainous helicopter-shots.  Even the watching the group trudge along the winding trails felt a little “Heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s off to Mordor we go”-ish.

As a fairy tale lover, it was fun.  I even wanted a little more kissing.  Seriously, Snow could have kissed the Huntsman at the end.  That would have been satisfying.

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