Summer vay-cay-shun….

I’ve survived my fourth year in the school system.  It was a different kind of year.  I was exposed to some personalities that made my jaw hit the floor a couple of times.  I feel sorry for the parents, although they raised “that” so….

Officially summer doesn’t come for another week but we definitely have the heat!  I’m not a huge fan of 98 degrees with 98% humidity.  Hopefully I can keep from melting.

I will be working a summer gig.  Starting July 6th for a few weeks I will be interpreting “Summer School”.  The extra pay will be a nice little chuck to help us out.  We can all use help, right?  Besides, playing the lottery doesn’t seem to be working.  I did win $5…but I dumped it right back into a ticket. Anyway, I’m a little excited about summer school.  I won’t have to go the WHOLE summer without interpreting.  I know, I could do some freelance but I know that summer is a slow season for any interpreter.

I hope to take a little vacation between now and August 18th when we have to report back.  I have about 5 weeks of nothing and am going to make my cutie pie take some time off and spend it with me venturing about.  We keep talking about heading to Savannah…maybe we should quit talking and do it.     🙂

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