Yay!! It’s summer time 🙂  Lots of good stuff going on.

Next week I’m going to Silent Weekend in Orlando.  I’m excited to learn lots of stuff about ASL and interpreting.  You can never have enough knowledge.  I feel I still have a long way to go so I’m ready for next week.

For the Fourth of July we will be in New York City picking up my Glass.  Or at least I hope we will.  We tried to go last weekend but Airtran had other ideas and only got us halfway there.  Needless to say, we will never be choosing them for a flight again.  We’ve had luck with them in the past but this was horrendous.  They did offer $50 off our next trip…pfft…yeah…  No thanks, I’d like to actually arrive at where I booked the tickets to go to.  Anyway, so yeah, New York.  I’ve never been to the city so we are going to stay for a few days and check out the city vibe. With Glass.

The rest of the month of July will be very low-key.  Nothing planned.  Early August I have another workshop for interpreting.  This one is local so no lovely hotel stays for me.  I really do love just throwing my towel on the bathroom floor.  Is that wrong of me?  …and then a week later it’s back to school.  I hope I get to stay at the school I’ve been at…although change is fun.

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