Walking in another person’s shoes…

This picture was from Tuesday, Day 10 before I went to the doctor to find out what the redness on my shin was all about. Turns out it is due to swelling.

August 5th, I took a fall and injured my left knee.  Twelve days in of recovery and I’m told to keep my knee straight and elevate it as much as possible.  Which is easy because it doesn’t bend on its own very well right now.

So why the need to pull out the blog writing today?  A week ago I had to attend a meeting to start the new school year.  The building was old.  I’m hobbling into the building, thank goodness they had a ramp to accommodate the 4 steps that I would have had to take, and make my way to the third floor.  So I’m walking with my cane, to keep me stable, and trying to open doors to get in.  Have you ever tried to open a door with only your left hand?  It’s awkward as you end up crossing your body with the door.  Okay..so, I make my way through the main door, into the elevator and up to the third floor.  Great, another door into the office suite.  Why isn’t there a button to open the door automatically? I make it in and get to my meeting. I’m good, put my leg up on an adjacent chair and take in all the information.

Then, it happens, I have to use the restroom.  Ugh….back out the door, easier pushing it but not by much.  Again, would love an automatic door button to make it easier.  I get to the restroom and see three tiny stalls.  Not ONE accessible stall.  WHAT?!  How is that even possible?  What year is it?  I plop myself down and take care of things.  Thankfully, my husband had gotten me the cane the night before.  The cane was my savior in that tiny stall.  I was able to lift myself and my bum leg up but it wasn’t easy from a standard height commode.  I hobbled back to the meeting room appalled that the district I worked for had no restroom accommodations.  Maybe they do…maybe it’s tucked away in another part of the building.  I do know that no one offered it to me.   I hope there is one on that floor somewhere….

Day 12 and the swelling has gone way down. I’m tired of it though. I am ready to go!

I will heal,  My leg will bend again.  But things like this are what people with physical challenges handle every day.  I try to hold the door open for people as much as I can. I try to accommodate needs as much as I can.  I hope I’m not failing.  This little experience has really sparked something.  Never take for granted, walking across the living room with a cup of coffee and my phone.  Right now, I can do it in my house where there are plenty of “feel your way” helpers around the room and I can tuck my phone under my chin but at work, I must wear everything I need in a backpack or purse.  Leaving the house is a chore.  Carrying a lunch box and getting down the four steps that lead to the drive, I have to make sure I don’t have other things in my hand or I can’t manage the stairs with my cane.  So things get left home.  If I can’t carry it on me, I don’t need it.  Not practical but it will have to do…for now.



Detours, not road blocks!

I’m happy to write that I passed my EIPA written exam back in October.  I actually passed.  Yay!!

So why the detour in my journey to certification? Well, this past Saturday my I got my results for the performance test.  I retook the assessment four months ago to improve my score.

…I did improve, but only by .10.  Not the gain I was hoping for.  Not the gain I had worked toward for two years. As I reviewed the breakdown of my score I had actually gotten worse in some areas that I nailed previously.  WHAT?!?  Ugh…  So while I won’t be getting national certification this year, I did improve.  I didn’t slip backwards.

I just read a quote from Janet Fitch, the author, “The phoenix must burn to emerge.”  So burn, baby, burn.  I will rise.  I will soar.

One month…

fireworksToday is one month Gluten Free.  I have to say that most days I feel fantastic.  Sure I’m still craving breads but I haven’t give in. It’s actually easier than I thought although the wings and mac ‘n cheese fritters looked yummy at tonight’s dinner.  As good as they looked I didn’t want to end up with tummy aches and feeling like I was hit by a Mack truck.  So, I ate my corn tortilla chips nachos.

I’m really proud of my commitment and have to say that losing twenty pounds is great incentive to keep it up.  I realize that a lot of that is probably water weight but I’ll still take it.  I am really surprised at how much energy I have…sure I still need my 8-9 hours of sleep a night but those waking hours I’m way more hyper than I have been in years.  Poor Jerry…

I am hoping that when I go back to for my next thyroid check in January that my antibody numbers are much better.  In a way…I don’t even care.  This is probably the best I’ve felt it months.  I probably just jinxed myself.

So yeah…just a little celebratory blog post to say “Yay me!!”


Brain dump…

My brain is getting cluttered so it’s time for a brain dump.  Random thoughts that I need to put down to hopefully clear some room for new thoughts.

  • Game of Thrones on HBO was great but the book is just SO much better.
  • 1st part of Summer Vacation is over this weekend.  I didn’t do much.  I hope to drag Jerry out of town after Summer School Session.  He mentioned going to Disney this weekend but I slammed that door shut by saying in my most whiny voice ever “During Fourth of July weekend?!?”  I am such a loser at times.
  • I really need to get some new summery dark colored tops for work.
  • I doubt I can wear my bright green Crocs at work…way to bright.
  • I’ll have to go back to doing my shopping on the weekends I think….of course my work day ends at 2:15, so….
  • I finally got my kites and haven’t taken them out for a spin yet…another example of my lameness.
  • How long should you wait for someone to mow your lawn when they said that the would do it 4 to 5 days ago?  I thought that was a long time so I have set up plans.  I’m sure they will both show up the same day.
  • I need to get this insomnia thing under control.  Sure I can sleep until 10am NOW but starting next week I have to be AT work by 7am…oof!

Happy Wednesday, I’m hoping mine will get better with less clutter in my brain.

Brain Dump….

I don’t really have a good train of thought so it’s time for me to list what’s going on in my life. These are in no particular order, just how they pop up in my mind 🙂

  • Work is becoming a challenge but I’m up for it.
  • Why must sweating be so gross?
  • I haven’t had soda since Christmas Eve and I really don’t miss it.  It’s too sweet.
  • I’ve become a regular morning coffee drinker and I love it.
  • Who knew Nutella was so good.
  • Still break down over my parents death…wonder how long that lasts?
  • Two new neighborhood cats are hanging around the house.  We prolly look like those crazy cat people to our neighbors.
  • I need new clothes but I hate shopping.
  • Think I might buy Just Dance for Wii this weekend.

Happy Wednesday!  My work week is short due to Teacher planning and the end of the quarter.  I love that I don’t have to go in on planning days.  I ♥ my job!

It’s brain dump time…

Every once in a while my brain just stops functioning.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m thinking of too many things at once or what.  I’m going to try to solve it by randomly putting down things that are on my mind (in no particular order).

  • Mom and Dad, still can’t believe they are both gone.
  • How can people change so rapidly that you don’t even recognize them?
  • Oil changes..why don’t I need one yet?
  • Where are my purple shoes?
  • 1-800-GOT-JUNK
  • other people’s storage
  • What’s for dinner?
  • Droid 2 R2D2 edition
  • Going through my clothes and giving them to Goodwill
  • Crab legs
  • Converting all my music to digital
  • Music clouds?  Hmm..that sounds cool…
  • Cruising
  • Watching the ocean
  • Kites

I think that’s about it.  oh..and chocolate…

Work is going okay.  I have a new challenge this year.  I’m working with an autistic young man and he is keeping me on my toes.  I’m lucky to have such wonderful supportive c0-workers.  It makes it easier.  

Jerry and I are doing good.  Still love him with everything.  Can’t believe how funny he *still* is.  Nearly busted a gut last night he had me laughing so hard.

Other parts of my life are so-so.  Don’t really know how to express it so I won’t bore you with my ramblings.

It’s all just sad…

Monday I buried my father.

Monday afternoon my family was in turmoil and now who knows.  I guess Mom and Dad were the glue…

Tuesday I came back home to Jacksonville.  I received a letter from my sister who no longer wants to have any contact with me.  Things were said that I don’t know if I can ever get past.  On the flight down I looked over at Jerry and could feel my heart getting lighter as we got closer to home.

Wednesday my family was an episode of cops….Glad I wasn’t there to witness it.

Thursday I felt bad for the family.  It will never be whole again.

Today has been quiet.  I needed this, I slept most of it away.  Tonight I’m going out with friends for dinner.

Random Thoughts/Updates

  • Tickets purchased for Michigan trip in August
  • Tickets purchased for Conference in DC
  • Lawn if finally looking better
  • House is still cleanish but I need to keep working on it
  • Dad has a doctor appointment and I’m not sure how I feel about things
  • Wondering where my “post” will be next year
  • Just renewed my RID membership
  • Tried renewing my FRID membership but the webpage was wonky




It’s update time…

Mom:  She says that her doctor told her the chemo isn’t working but then she tells my sister that she is starting chemo again.  Lots of confusion mixed in with some hallucinations that Stormtroopers are bringing her water in the night. 

Dad:  It’s all hearsay, but he is getting stronger.  He used to get on AIM but that hasn’t happened since his near death septic shock last July.

Jerry:  Forever my rock!

Me:  Still waiting on my biopsy from the dermatologist.  Leg is slowly healing, now it’s just a big pink dot.

We’ll be heading up to Michigan to see mom and dad in early April.  One day we’ll have an actual vacation.

Venturing out..

This is the first weekend since our Del Taco outing that Jerry and I have done something other than just going and grabbing some take out over the weekend.  Jerry packed in the adventure yesterday.

First we had a birthday party in Yulee for his grandfather who was turning Ninety-one.  Sharp as a tack and still working as a bailiff downtown, I believe he’ll live to be well over 100 years old.  Before heading out to Yulee, Jerry wanted to stop at his parent’s house to see if it’s still standing.  Yes, we knew that it would be but it’s just one of those things.  Everything was okay.  Some friends of Missy’s are helping by cleaning it out and donating anything and everything to whomever needs it.  We’re thankful for any help on that front right now.  Anyway, the party was good and we visited with Jerry’s Mom’s family.

After that we decided to head to the movies.  Finally saw Avatar.  Beautiful picture, predictable story but entertaining.  Jerry says we have a mission to see all the nominated Oscar pictures.  We do it every year..kind of a fun tradition.  Anyway, that was movie one of our quest.

So after the movie we swung by and picked up some food and headed home to settle in.  Sure enough after we had changed into our PJ’s we got a txt from friends that were in the neighborhood and wanted us to join them for dinner.  We hadn’t seen them in months so we headed up to European Street Cafe and had a drink while they enjoyed thier dinner.  It was a nice visit. 

So yesterday was a whirlwind, today is quite lazy, which I’ll take. 

Parents called this morning.  Mom isn’t sounding well but this is the first time in weeks that my dad has joined in on the Sunday call.  So that made me happy.  Mom is hallucinating a little and that has me concerned although I know that staying in bed for weeks on end is bound to make you stir crazy and a little “off”.   Trying to stay positive and up about it all.   Jerry has been wonderful, he tolerates my roller-coaster emotions. 

Guess I’m done rambling for now…