The picture is of our bathroom when we first moved into our little bungalow in 2000.  It’s been 14 years and started renovating the room in August.  The first day of demolition was Oct 13th.  Today…it’s dry wall day.  The contractors were here a little bit before 8am.  Oof…I had planned to sleep in until 9:30am.

I had a fasting blood test that I needed to get done this week so instead of going in at 10:45am I headed out shortly after the contractors showed up.  There was no way I was going to be able to last in the house without coffee or stress eating.  Hello, mini-marshmellows!

Now, Nutmeg and I are hanging out in the computer room watching Black-ish on Hulu-Plus.

What a great way to spend the first Monday of vacation…

Savannah, GA

I am in love with Savannah, GA. We had a wonderful four days away. Let me take you through our getaway:

August 5, 2011:

  • Drove 2.5 hours from Jacksonville, FL to Savannah, GA.
  • Got lost trying to find our hotel.  Silly GPS said go right but we were supposed to go straight.
  • Checked into The Thunderbird Inn, a hip, retro motel on the edge of the historical district.
August 6, 2011:
  • Clary’s Restaurant for breakfast.  Anyone who is a fan of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil will know this place.  The food was yummy, I had a seafood omelette that was so yummy.  Great cup of coffee as well.
  • Old Town Trolley Tour: A wonderful way to get to know the city and see it.  Our guide Cindy was great.  Took the time to answer my questions. (I’ve been known to ask a lot of questions)
  • Forsyth Park and the famous fountain. We spent a lot of time here throughout the vacation.  This was one of my favorite places.  Makes me think I need to visit more parks in my own city.
  • The Pirate House was next and it was time for lunch.  Still a little full from my omelette I stuck ordered the Soup, salad and Sandwich.  She-crab soup is amazing.  LOVE IT!  They had a buffet and it looked good just not very carb friendly.
  • Back on the trolley, we finished up the tour, down River Street.  Sure, it’s a bumpy drive but it’s pretty 🙂  We didn’t get off the trolley as we were saving River Street for another day.
  • Finished up the trolley tour that brought us back to the Savannah Visitor Center.
  • After a trip back to the hotel to cool down and relax we headed out to dinner at Blowin’ Smoke BBQ.  I had my first taste of fried pickles here.  LOVE THEM!  This place is a definite go to for BBQ.  Portions were good, the pork was yummy it was a nice way to end our day out in Savannah.
August 7, 2011:
  • Breakfast again at Clary’s, so good, had to back a second time.
  • Tybee Island was on the agenda for the day.
  • First we went to Tybee Island Light Station.  We didn’t climb the light house *shrug*.  It was neat though.  Fort Screven was across the street and apparently some of the batteries are now privately own and converted to apartment, supper clubs and the Lighthouse museum.  Interesting.
  • We hit up Tybrisa Street, to park so we could walk out the Pier.  It was hot and there was barely a breeze so we didn’t stay long.
  • Too early to eat lunch we decided to head to Fort Pulaski.  I’m so glad we did this.  I love learning about our nations history.  Also go to see a musket firing demo.  Yay!!
  • Lunch.  Where could we go that would be fun and yummy?  The Crab Shack. What a fun little place.  Very touristy, which I love and Crab legs and shrimp that were perfect.
  • It was really hot that day so not wanting to spend more time outside at the beach/island we headed back into Savannah and drove around.
  • One of the places that we wanted to see what The Mercer House.  Again, if you are a fan of the book/movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil you have got to see find the Mercer House.  We didn’t take the tour inside but we did walk the block and check out the carriage house gift shop.  We tried to figure out where the character “John Kelso” stayed but could never find the carriage house that was in the movie.
  • Back to the hotel for another cool down session and relaxation.  It is vacation, right?
  • Dinner time means we have to decide where to go.  Not bringing any “fancy” clothes we opt’d for casual dining at The Cotton Exchange.  Food was good and the parking on River Street wasn’t too bad, although it was Sunday night.  Might be worse on Fridays and Saturdays *shrug*.
August 8, 2011:
  • Not wanting to be stuck in a rut, we had breakfast at J. Christopher’s. Although it’s a chain, it seemed to fit right in the historical district.  The restaurant itself was once an old garage.  The coffee wasn’t as good as Clary’s but the food was good.  Really hard to mess up breakfast food.
  • We had set this day for River Street.  We had walked up and down part of it the night before but we didn’t really go into the shops.  So that’s what we did.  It was hot again.  Lots of fluids with lots of stops along the way to get out of the sun.  We had parked up in Emmet Park where the live oaks would shade our car from the Savannah sun.  The only problem with parking up there was the stairs down to river street.  I have been having problems with my thyroid.  I have been shaky and get muscle fatigue quickly in my legs.  I had also been experiencing some vertigo lately which made the thought of stairs a little daunting.  I did it.  I made to River Street with no problems.  Jerry had to help me with a few of them because they were uneven and my short legs didn’t like that.
  • In and out of shops that all pretty much had the same thing.  We didn’t end up buying anything. I was outside sitting on a bench when a palm frond artist gave me a rose that he made.  Told him I didn’t have any cash and he said it was ok, I was deserving 😀  I made Jerry give him money after he came out of the store.  Told the frond crafter that he was deserving because he was creating art.
  • Lunch time at The Shrimp Factory.  If I had to pick one meal that we weren’t impressed with, it would be this one.  The food was…meh….same with the service.
  • Back to shopping.  We had enough.  So I trekked up the stairs with no problem.  YAY ME! Back in our cool-ish car, we decided to just drive around.  We did just that.  In and out of squares.  Back to the Mercer house for a couple more pictures and to try to find that darn carriage house.  Jerry is convinced that it was a set on a movie lot somewhere.  He might be right.  Another look at Forsyth Park and then back to the hotel for a little relaxation before figuring out what to do for dinner.
  • I had been craving more BBQ.  It seems that Monday nights are bad for bbq joints.  One was closed on Monday’s, the other was closed for dinner on Monday’s and the third place’s owners were on vacation until the 16th.  WHAT??!?? So now what are we going to eat? We headed back to River Street, this time parking right there. (Free after 5pm and easy to find a spot on a Monday night)  We had settled on Huey’s. Of course when we got there, we weren’t 100% sure and decided to walk up the street to see what everyone else had.  We’d approach each place and giggle as they all were a little pricey.  Even chuckled at one place that had the price written out so you weren’t quite as shocked at the prices.  Nothing was really grabbing us so we headed back to Huey’s.  I’m glad we did.  The food was good, although the portions were too big.  Jerry had the Red Beans & Rice and I had the Jambalaya Pasta.  Both, were super yummy!
August 9, 2011:
Time to head home.  We stopped at Cracker Barrel on our way out of town to make the 2.5 hour trip home.  A wonderful long weekend in Savannah, GA indeed!!
You are welcome to check out some of my pictures. My Kodak camera died the first day, so most of these pictures were taken on my Droid 2-R2D2 phone.  Not the best quality.
Tybee Island and Savannah, GA 2011

Summer vacation, part two…

Ahh…another small break before the regular school year begins.  Lots of changes this year.  New principal, students are to be mainstreamed and people let go, resigned or moved to other schools.

One of my favorite people called me this weekend to tell me she was resigning and moving on.  She is one of the people that made going to work fun.  I looked up to her as an interpreter and learned tons from her.  I will miss her.

Change…that seems to be what life has been about lately.  Today I had to go to the doctor for lab work.  I’m really trying to get healthy.  I have lost 36 lbs since school let out in June and am hoping that with some of the weight gone I can get my health in order. I still have lots more to lose but that’s okay.  🙂  Having Hashimoto’s thyroiditis can be a challenge.  I have these thyroid storms that make me either really tired, or jittery.  Fun hunh?

This upcoming weekend, Jerry and I are heading to Savannah, GA.  I have never been and am looking forward to getting out of town and exploring a new city.

Summer vay-cay-shun….

I’ve survived my fourth year in the school system.  It was a different kind of year.  I was exposed to some personalities that made my jaw hit the floor a couple of times.  I feel sorry for the parents, although they raised “that” so….

Officially summer doesn’t come for another week but we definitely have the heat!  I’m not a huge fan of 98 degrees with 98% humidity.  Hopefully I can keep from melting.

I will be working a summer gig.  Starting July 6th for a few weeks I will be interpreting “Summer School”.  The extra pay will be a nice little chuck to help us out.  We can all use help, right?  Besides, playing the lottery doesn’t seem to be working.  I did win $5…but I dumped it right back into a ticket. Anyway, I’m a little excited about summer school.  I won’t have to go the WHOLE summer without interpreting.  I know, I could do some freelance but I know that summer is a slow season for any interpreter.

I hope to take a little vacation between now and August 18th when we have to report back.  I have about 5 weeks of nothing and am going to make my cutie pie take some time off and spend it with me venturing about.  We keep talking about heading to Savannah…maybe we should quit talking and do it.     🙂

A week of me…

Jerry is at a work conference. I was going to go with him…but…well, I’d rather we have a vacation together where he isn’t working. I took the week off to get some things done that I need to do. Paid leave is luxury so it should be used, right?

On this first day, I woke up at 4:00am. I took Jerry to the airport and then had my car fixed. There was a recall and I have been postponing the repair. Took about 4 hours for them to fix it.

I also emptied the shredder and then proceeded to shred about a year of bills that had been stacked up on my desk. Ahh..feels good to have that done.

What am I going to do during the week of me? I was hoping to see the Shuttle lift off today but the car dealership, no loaner car, stinky courtesy van made it so I couldn’t get out to the beach in time. I do hope to make it out there later this week to do some kite flying. Have to dig out the kites from the guest room. (scary)

No plans, no schedule…it’s just what I need right now.

why vacations aren’t so fun….

The past three years have been hard.  Every vacation we had seemed to be taken over by hospital visit, hospice planning and funerals.  Last Spring, I was with my mother as she passed so this week is hard for me.  I’m hoping to just lay low and stay out of trouble.  Jerry has to work so it’s going to be a boring week.  Ah well, I prolly could use some boring in my life.

Too bad I got injured last week at work.  I’m not going to details but after a couple hours at Solantic on March 22nd, I have a soft tissue injury to the shoulder.   Do you know how much you use your shoulder?  A lot…for everything….and keeping it pain free isn’t exactly easy.  I’m currently prescribed Cataflam and Skelaxin.  I can honestly say that I don’t like taking these drugs.  Yes, they work and make it easier to move my arm but I’m tired of being loopy.  I go back to Solantic on Tuesday.

Yay for vacations, right?  I’d much rather be on a ship, cruising the seas….


Ho. ho. Ahhhhh (:

It was an odd Christmas, once again. Jerry had some odd, sleep inducing, nausea, sickness on the 23rd which I of course had on Christmas day. This thing just wipes you out. Hopefully we are both past all that and can move on to 2011.

I have been thinking a lot about children and Christmas and how wonderful it is to see the magic in their eyes as they look at the lights, hear the Nativity story and meet Santa for the first time. We don’t really know about that. But then again, we are asleep in bed at a reasonable hour on Christmas night and don’t have to worry about putting together bikes and play sets. Slot A into Tab B…what the $#@&! I know there are people that are out there who ask us why we don’t adopt. I don’t think that is what we were meant to do. Maybe I’m being selfish? I really like my little family. It’s very low stress. (Most of the time)

So far this week has been quiet. Lots of catching up my “soap” or stories as they say here in the south, playing video games and wishing that Jerry was off this week too. I’ve had some pajama days..yes..plural. Now I’m off to head to Starbucks and Target for handsoap. Yup…I’m living the life and loving it!


Ahhh…I love it!  I needed the break from everything.  I do have to say though, that my days are rather dull.  Sure, I could be going to the beach everyday but I burn so easy and I’m really not up for skin cancer.  Pale is the new tan! 

The house is clean-ish.  Still some clutter that we need to take care of and I won’t even talk about how bad the guest room/junk room has become.  It’s okay because the rest of the house is liveable again.  I won’t feel embarrased if someone wanted to stop by now.

the last week….

So here I sit in the school’s library during the last week of the 2009-2010 school year.  I have been moved to a different school to help out another interpreter (she’s an amazing person so it’s really a treat).  The last week of schools are notoriously slow for an interpreter.  Not much lecturing going on in the class rooms.  I guess graduations and awards ceremonies do fill in the gaps.

It has been an odd year, personally, for me.  With Jerry’s mom passing during Christmas break and my mom passing during Spring break, it puts me on pins and needles to think what Summer break may bring. 

Speaking of Summer break, we are planning to head to Michigan to spend some time with Dad.  I think we’ve narrowed it down to the first week in August.  That will be good, his birthday is the 2nd of August 🙂  Then a couple of weeks after that we’ll head to Washington D.C. for Jerry’s work conference.  He’ll be working and I’ll be enjoying the views of the Potomac from the hotel.  We hope to do a little site seeing but know that we don’t really have the time.  Maybe a quick trolley tour or something *shrug*  Either way it will be cool to see.  I’ve never been to DC and have always wanted to go.  Jerry and I are thinking of this little trip as an appetizer to when we can really visit and spend some serious time being tourists.

Spring Break

I love that I have a week off from work.  I definitely need the time off, although we are headed up to Michigan to see my parents. Don’t know how much of a mental break this will be.

Mom is still in the hospital.  They found she has a huge ulcer in her stomach and that is where she is bleeding from.  Hopefully the medicine will kick in soon and she heal that up.   She had a meeting yesterday about palliative care and or hospice care for when she gets released.  No decisions have been made yet though.  I asked her about it today, if she was going to get 24/7 care at home and she mentioned going to a facility.  I asked if she didn’t want to go home and she said “nope”  🙁  I know Dad has been having a time with it all but with help I think they could do great at home.  Ultimately it’s her decision and I have to accept it.

Dad is gaining weight.  He went to the doctor a few days ago and they found some spots on his lung.  He will go back in a month for more x-rays and maybe for chemo/radiation.  I really don’t have all of the information as I’m getting via TXT.  Hope to get more answers to that next week.

One day, Jerry and I will be able to take a vacation that doesn’t include visiting someone in a hospital or giving home health care.