The “busy” dichotomy…

love-heart-yin-yang-thumb10025492It’s been an odd couple of months here at Heartstone.  This weekend is just another example of busy, but not busy, weekends.

Jerry’s company is expanding their office so he is at work setting up workstations for pretty much the entire company.  I forget sometimes just how hard he really works.  Between servers shutting down, the move, and looking for new employees his life is constantly moving.

My work is about to get busy with testing, FSA, Florida State Assessments, start Monday.  This is stressful for all involved.   For interpreters, it’s a lot of sitting around waiting to see if the student needs anything interpreted.  So..on the other hand..not busy at all.  It is mentally exhausting though to sit quietly for hours without being able to occupy your mind by reading or…well…anything.

Nutmeg’s life…well…as far as a cat’s life she is living it up now that it’s warmer outside.  She spends most weekends on the porch watching the passersby and making sure that no other cats try to take her territory. She also protects the house from lizard marauders.

I’m hoping next month we’ll be able to head to Disney. I know Star Wars Weekends are coming up and that is always fun.

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