the change….

It’s true. I’m at that age where my body is doing whacked out things. A few disturbing, so I’m having them checked out. I really think they are all related to that wonderful time in a woman’s life where she officially becomes…well, I’m not sure. I don’t feel old so I wouldn’t put that label on it. Crazy? I’ve been crazy for years 🙂 So I’m not going to label it. It just is.

I’ve had hot flashes forever. Having Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis makes me flush at the slightest temperature increase. They have been more frequent lately and they seem to last longer. It could be 30 degrees outside and I’m in a short sleeve shirt dripping with sweat. So pretty…..

So, we’ll see how I transition. I am thinking that it’s just going to be like my thyroid issues. They seem to have similar symptoms. I’ve dealt with those for 30+ years. Bring it on?!?


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