The count down…

It’s almost time for summer. Only nineteen school days left. I love my summers off! It’s been an odd year.

This was my first year at a high school.  I really don’t remember if my high school years were drama filled or not. I’m sure they were, but geez.  I’m going to sound “old” right now because all I can say is “I don’t understand these kids?!”  They have everything at their finger tips as far as technology but yet they can’t look up a word in the dictionary because they can’t spell.  They know how to look up their favorite singer/actor/wrestler/football player but ask them to do a report on some historical figure and they become google-phobics.  They spend all day on their phones txt’ing or listening to their iPods instead of paying attention to the teachers.  Now granted, part of that is not the fault of the kids but the school system.  Don’t allow these in the classroom, period.  This means it must be enforced.  Oh yeah…the dress code should be enforced too.  So many students looking like they headed to the beach or the club and not to a class room.  I think I’ve become a fan of school uniforms.  WHOA….that sounded really old. *sigh*  Maybe I was sheltered growing up, I can’t imagine being disrespectful to a teacher.  Don’t get me wrong, not all the kids are bad.  I still hear lots of “thank you, please, you’re welcome” in the course of a day.  Usually the boys will run up to the doors to open them for the teachers/staff.  Now if they could just do that for their fellow students.

Professionally, I’m feeling stagnant.  It’s my fault, I haven’t been to a workshop since last June.  (Life got in the way.)  I’m hoping to set aside some time each week this summer and work on my skills.  I think out of ten weeks off I could find some time 🙂

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