the last week….

So here I sit in the school’s library during the last week of the 2009-2010 school year.  I have been moved to a different school to help out another interpreter (she’s an amazing person so it’s really a treat).  The last week of schools are notoriously slow for an interpreter.  Not much lecturing going on in the class rooms.  I guess graduations and awards ceremonies do fill in the gaps.

It has been an odd year, personally, for me.  With Jerry’s mom passing during Christmas break and my mom passing during Spring break, it puts me on pins and needles to think what Summer break may bring. 

Speaking of Summer break, we are planning to head to Michigan to spend some time with Dad.  I think we’ve narrowed it down to the first week in August.  That will be good, his birthday is the 2nd of August 🙂  Then a couple of weeks after that we’ll head to Washington D.C. for Jerry’s work conference.  He’ll be working and I’ll be enjoying the views of the Potomac from the hotel.  We hope to do a little site seeing but know that we don’t really have the time.  Maybe a quick trolley tour or something *shrug*  Either way it will be cool to see.  I’ve never been to DC and have always wanted to go.  Jerry and I are thinking of this little trip as an appetizer to when we can really visit and spend some serious time being tourists.

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