This is getting harder #IAmGrateful 1/14/15

So we have been renovating…wait..refurbishing…no…we gutted the main bathroom and are having it redone.  This has been a very long process.  I’m just about over it.  If I could..I would blink it back to the ugly bathroom it was.  Nearly 4 months ago they demo’d the room and it’s been unusable.  We were told it would be done by December 15th…umm…yeah…there aren’t even walls all the way around the room.  Today the tile guys came and spent three hours in my home and left it a mess.  They even locked Nutmeg in a room where she didn’t have access to food, water, or her litter box.  I’m a tad upset about that.

I guess I shouldn’t be so negative and got on with my grateful list.

  1. That we are fortunate to have a 2nd bathroom in our home.
  2. That we can afford to get our house updated.  Although, looking back I didn’t think I was going to be 4 months without that bathroom.  Sometimes my time is worth more than the hassle.  Oh wait…right..grateful.  I’m grateful we can update our bathroom.
  3. That it’s a short work week.  There is a teacher planning day on Friday.  No kids, no interpreters needed.  YAY!  I am going to a workshop but that’s okay..that’s self improvement 🙂


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