Time spent

So time “fell back” last night. It really didn’t effect me as I have been nursing a cold for the past few days. The NyQuil induced sleep didn’t care that it wasn’t time for me to get up yet. Jerry and I woke up early but avoiding life we lazed around the house for a bit.

Jerry needed some new pants and I wanted pancakes. We headed to The Original Pancake House only to find it packed. Okay, so Sunday at 10:30am isn’t a good time. We ended up at Arby’s because every sit-down restaurant in the area seemed packed. No biggie, I like Arby’s. After that we headed to Regency Square to hit up JC Penneys for some pants. They don’t open until noon. Again, knowing it is Sunday but come on…really?!?….NOON…..oh well. We headed back to the Town Center and found some pants. Purchases are being tailored and will be able to be picked up Thursday night. Yay!

Jerry also needed to head to work to finish up some projects. His network guy was coming to meet him although it was two hours later than Jerry had hoped. It was okay, I played on their new iMac and stuff.

It’s been a pretty productive Sunday. I’m hoping my cold starts to get better. Although it’s only a three day work week, plus cold medicine means it should be an easy week.

Let’s hope the time change doesn’t mess with me later in the week.

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