So far, so good…I really haven’t gone into a complete melt down this holiday season.  I know it’s bound to happen. 

Jerry and I are trying to make new traditions of our own for the holidays.   We are going to use Dad’s Sausage Stuffing but going to try cornbread instead of white bread.  We practiced making out Cornbread tonight.  (Completely by scratch!)  It was so good.   Also we are going to cook a crown pork roast vs. a turkey.  I’ve never done it before so why not try it on a special holiday.  Can you say disaster?! 

Tomorrow we are heading up to Georgia for Sutton Family Christmas.  It’s been moved this year as well as how we “gift” each other.   So changes are all around us.  I used to fear change..but with things that have transpired the past year I have no choice but to adapt and embrace.  

I can’t say that I’m not sad…I am.  My parents and Jerry’s parents were a big part of Christmas.  Jerry and I keep the communication open and talk about them frequently.  I think that helps.

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