It seems that Tuesdays have become “chore” day.  Looking ahead at my calendar it seems that I’ve scheduled things on Tuesdays.  It’s okay because that means I can avoid those Monday blahs and still accomplish things before midweek. 

We have found a lawn guy.  I’m excited.  He seems really nice and I’m really hoping it works out.  After the weird circumstances with Florida’s First Class Lawn Care and their disappearing act without a phone call or email, I’m really looking forward to reliable service.  I’m weary after past experiences.  So far, I have a good feeling about this.

Both Jerry and I are trying to keep up with keeping the house clean.  I even ran the dishwasher and put the dishes away when they were done instead of pulling them out as we need and letting dirty dishes pile up in the sink.   (holy run on sentence)

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