Tummy aches…

Pains so bad that I just had to go to bed.  Usually after twenty-four hours it goes away.  I’m sure it’s all related to my recent introduction to the medicine, Byetta.  Now, this doesn’t happen all the time.  It only happens when I over indulge.  That should be the hint right?  Stop eating when you are full and you won’t have these terrible stomach aches.  It’s basic….

So when something that upsets me comes along and I decide that I can have a full serving of Billy Barou from Moe’s I’m paying for it the next day.  I need to not stuff my belly!!  No more carbs to comfort myself.  Food is for fuel, not comfort! I need to use that as my mantra.  I am doing better. I’m still down 45lbs.  Still have a long way to go, but it’s okay.  I’m doing it.

It’s not like I don’t know my triggers.  Stress is my trigger.  When I’m stressed out I eat.  Not good for someone with so many endocrine problems. Maybe if I ate celery, but who craves that when they are upset.  I have little stress in my life.  The only thing right now is family drama.  The reason I ate a whole plate of nachos Monday night. I can’t control other people’s lives and honestly wouldn’t want to.  Also, I know I can sleep at night with a good conscience and that I have not wronged my family.

The lesson is, I guess, that moderation is the key.  Oh…and drama free is the way to be.  Somethings I should have already known from my life experiences.  It’s funny how life lessons come back and nip you in the bud.

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