Wow, how come i forget to sit down and write? It usually helps me think. It’s not like I haven’t needed the help either.

Dad apparently had an episode last night where he was unconscious for about five minutes. He has been doing chemotherapy and thought it would be okay to have a beer during a BBQ my brother was having for Memorial Day. Don’t really know if that’s why he passed out or not, he goes to the doctor tomorrow morning. When I called this afternoon he said he was feeling quite good today. Whew!

I moved to the middle school for the last two weeks of school. I really enjoy this age group. They still have a little bit of fear in them đŸ™‚ Not 100% sure if I’m there for the two final weeks or just this week, either way it’s a nice break from high school hall ways. Hope “my kids” at the high school do well, I worry about them. So much potential……

The one bad thing about moving schools is my body is not used to this afternoon school stuff. I had gotten used to waking up a 5am and heading to work and the being home before 3pm. I do get to sleep in now though…hmm..I do love my sleep đŸ™‚

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