Jerry had to work today so I thought I would get in some girly shopping time.  I had a few errands and so I thought I would incorporate it into my day. 

 I drove over the river to San Marco only to find that Three Lions was closed.  Oh no!!  I was hoping to pick up a little Vera Bradley wallet that I had been looking at online.

Backup plan, Cowford Traders in Avondale.  Headed back over to my neck of the woods and finally found a parking spot in Avondale.  Walked along the street to the store and entered.  I love this store….They didn’t have what I wanted.  Ah well…not meant to be. 

Okay, not a problem.  I’ll just head to Target to walk around, haven’t been there in a while.  NOPE!  Parking lot on Roosevelt (US17).  Ohh…right…..the Air Show.  No biggie, I’ll just head back to my neighborhood again and hit the grocery store for a sandwich and head home.

I kind of like days like this.  Sure it was a little frustrating but I didn’t let that get me down.  I took scenic routes around town and let the autumn fill me with joy.

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