We’re coming up on the season….

I keep getting reminded by people that the holidays are coming up.  I know that most people really enjoy this time of year but this year more than the past two I’m just dreading it.  It’s odd to think that we have no parents to celebrate with.  Last year we had Jerry’s mom and both my parents…Weird to think about that. 

I guess I need to come up with some strategy to get through them.  I usually try my best to put on a facade in public and am a basket case at home but that isn’t fair to Jerry, he’s grieving too.  I’ve suggested cruises but maybe avoiding it isn’t the best answer.  Maybe we need to embrace it. 

I was talking about Thanksgiving with a co-worker and things that our parents liked at the dinner.  She too has recently lost a parent and I know the holidays are going to be stressful for her as well.  Anyway, the two of us sat around talking about what kind of pies we liked and this and that.  I was sad thinking of all the past thanksgivings that I could never recapture again.  Maybe Jerry and I are blessed because we lost both our parents so quickly (ok…so two years ago for his father and within the past 9 months for his mom, my mom and my dad isn’t really a blessing, or quick.)  I guess I’m not really clear what I’m trying to say.  It will be hard to do the holidays without them, but we aren’t losing a parent every other year, so we only have to do this one time…hmm..that doesn’t seem nice doesn’t it…

Ultimately, I know we’ll make it through.  I know that there will be tears.  I also know that we giggle about our parents quite a bit.  Although that can sometimes lead to more tears. 

One of my favorite holiday memories is Thanksgiving 2007.  Both Jerry’s parents and my parents came to our house for dinner.   It was a great meal and everyone lingered afterwards to sit around talking.  That was the last time my parents saw Jerry’s parents. 

Wow, this post is not going how I wanted it to at all.  Maybe I should just focus on each day/holiday as it comes.  For example, my 14th wedding anniversary is coming up on Columbus Day.  (not the federally recognized day but the ACTUAL Columbus Day)  Anyway, I’m sorry if you made it this far in my post.  I know they have been very sad lately.  I’m trying to post good stuff as well. 


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  1. I’ve never been on one, but I think a cruise (or some other white-sands-turquoise-water) getaway sounds fantastic. It’s not avoidance per se, but if it’s just going to be the two of you, it might as well be the two of you with great beaches, warm temps and duty-free rum.

    Or: you could come back to Michigan, and have a dinner with your “chosen” family! I’m crap-shooting in the dark here, but I’m guessing if you made the commitment to come, we could throw together a roast turkey with all the fixin’s at SOMEONE’S house! Think about it.

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