Dad has been in a the hospital for 13 days now. He has decided to go with Hospice care as there is nothing more they can do for him 🙁

I knew this was going to be a hard summer but sometimes even the known can be sad. My poor father probably only weighs 100 lbs if that. Pretty much all of his muscle mass is gone and even holding a cell phone in his hand tires him out. I feel bad that there isn’t anything I can do for him. I try to help as much as he lets me but I get my stubbornness genuinely.

Today they took out his IV for his fluids. I think that the end is closer now. No one wants to wish their father dead but I know he is suffering.

I’m glad I came up here though. I got some quality time with Dad. Being away from home for a month is hard. I’ve missed Jerry and my cat, Tabitha. Jerry flew up here today. 🙂

With Jerry by my side it will be easier to handle this week.

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