why vacations aren’t so fun….

The past three years have been hard.  Every vacation we had seemed to be taken over by hospital visit, hospice planning and funerals.  Last Spring, I was with my mother as she passed so this week is hard for me.  I’m hoping to just lay low and stay out of trouble.  Jerry has to work so it’s going to be a boring week.  Ah well, I prolly could use some boring in my life.

Too bad I got injured last week at work.  I’m not going to details but after a couple hours at Solantic on March 22nd, I have a soft tissue injury to the shoulder.   Do you know how much you use your shoulder?  A lot…for everything….and keeping it pain free isn’t exactly easy.  I’m currently prescribed Cataflam and Skelaxin.  I can honestly say that I don’t like taking these drugs.  Yes, they work and make it easier to move my arm but I’m tired of being loopy.  I go back to Solantic on Tuesday.

Yay for vacations, right?  I’d much rather be on a ship, cruising the seas….


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