Wow…forgot how much energy it takes…

So I’ve been here in Michigan for just over a week.  I have forgotten how much energy it takes to take care of someone.  Between the fetching water, fixing meals (that sometimes aren’t eaten), laundry, grocery shopping, and running to doctor appointments it can tucker a person out.  I think most of it is mental drain though.  There are hours during the day that I don’t talk to anyone.  It can get lonely.  I check Facebook a lot and have leveled Farmville a ton..hehe

Dad is doing okay.  Not spectacular but okay.  He hasn’t been nauseated at all this week *knock on wood* and he is eating pretty good.  He is sleepy though.  I try to stay out of his hair so he can nod in and out of sleep and not feel guilty that he isn’t entertaining me.

I miss my family.  It’s hard at night to go to bed alone and not have Jerry and Tabitha hogging the bed.  Wait…why am I complaining about this… 😀

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