Wow…October…Quick updates…

Where has the time gone? This year is flying by. I’ve heard that happens as you get older.

Work is…work. I over stepped my role today and am worried I might have crossed the line.  It was spelling of an instrument and I blurted it out before I realized what I was doing.  Hopefully, I’ll only get a warning.

Health is okay.  My knee has been bugging me.  I don’t know why.  I don’t remember aggravating it.  I prolly should have had it checked out better two years ago. Diet isn’t going well.  I don’t know why.  I have cut my calories and changed the foods I’m eating (more fruits/veggies) and still no movement.

Cat is wonderful. She is a great fit for this little family.  So loving.

Other things…

  • Being a Jaguar fan is getting rough.
  • Love my Dansko shoes.
  • Being lured by the Samsung Note 2 but really don’t know why.
  • Thinks Birthday Oreos are wonderful.


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