Wow…this year has flown by…


I can’t believe it’s almost May.  Where has this year gone?

The past couple of years have been hard and I have to say that so far..this year has been pretty okay.  Sure I’m sad when Holidays come and go and we aren’t visiting with extended family.  Jerry and I are making our own traditions.  It’s nice.  Talk about stress free too!!

Yesterday, for Easter, we enjoyed a river view brunch at River City Brewing Company.   This place is very special to us as we had our wedding reception here.  We munched on yummy food, talked about our wedding, stared out at the boats on the river.  It was nice!  After brunch we snapped a few pictures of downtown and then headed out.

The school year is coming to a close soon.  June 10th is the last day.  Between now and then I have a weeks vacation and another four day weekend due to Memorial Day.  Whee!! That should make it fly by even faster.  Still not sure what I’m doing this summer.  Thought about working, but haven’t really looked around.  Not sure that there are a lot of seasonal jobs out there.  I’ve been thinking about working for a Temp Agency…not sure which is the best one in Jacksonville.  Any advice would be appreciated.

Today, I’m spending the last day of my four day weekend doing laundry.  I don’t mind though because I can do it leisurely as I watch TV and putz around the house.

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