Ya never know….

As an interpreter, I follow RID’s Code of Professional Conduct.

As a co-worker I try to also follow a common sense “Code of Professionalism”.

Professionalism, defined by Webster as:

  • the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person.

It’s a hard quality to see sometimes.  It’s the little things that can really make you shine as a professional.  Even simple pleasantries.  So I always try to show my professionalism.

Yes, there are days when the kids are bugging the crap out of me and it shows on my face but I try not to keep it there.  Also, I try not to take out any frustrations I have on my co-workers and/or clients.  (In my case, students).

Why do I try to maintain a professional demeanor at all times?  You never know who will be your future boss.  Plain and simple.  With today’s market, one can never be sure that you won’t be working with/for one of your former co-workers.  Or trying to get hired…

If professionalism isn’t there, why would they hire me?  I wouldn’t.

But then again….that’s a quality I look for.

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