Yup…it’s Christmas time…


We get our decorations on the outside.  I love going to Disney to see the decorations.  The Yacht Club resort was beautiful this year and no one can say that the Osborne Christmas lights aren’t gorgeous.  Our house on the other hand….only thing we put up this year was our 8-bit wreath from Think Geek.  

*shrug*  being orphans has blessings and curses.  Christmas is just another day to me. I do like the two weeks off from work.  And yes, I enjoy the lights and all the decorations. But the clean up…oof.  I’m a horrible housewife as it is.   Jerry and I aren’t even exchanging gifts.  We got new phones and tablets earlier this autumn.  It’s like Christmas throughout the year here at Heartstone.

I’m not depressed, I swear…just indifferent…not that I don’t wish people “Merry Christmas” because I really hope everyone enjoys their holidays.

So…Merry Christmas!! 




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